WHOLESALE LOT CATSUIT by Lamis W 3.3 oz/5.0 deodorant/ (this price $20 is for 5 gifts set see picture). - Aura Fragrances

Wholesale Lot Catsuit by Lamis W 3.3 Oz/5.0 Deodorant/ (This Price $20 Is for 5 Gifts Set See Picture).

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CATSUIT perfume for women was introduced in 1993 by avant-garde designer CATSUIT . CATSUIT is an outrageous fragrance from scent to package. A fruity floral with notes of Chinese star anise, Tunisian orange blossom, Indian ginger, Florentine iris, musk and Reunion Island vanilla. CATSUIT and other genuine fragrances are available at our discount online store. Other women accessories such as,deodorant spray.

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