About Us


Our business is selling genuine, brand-name perfumes at the lowest possible prices! We are a company of French origins that has been in operation in the Houston area for around 15 years, where we've opened two storefronts. We work tirelessly to maintain a selection of products expansive enough that we hope no-one should have to look elsewhere for their favorite scents. It's our priority to conduct business in such a way as to exceed the expectations of our very demanding clientele. We buy and sell our products at wholesale prices in order to pass the savings onto you, the customer. The result of our efforts is that we can provide our customers with that magical combination of great products at great prices. If you live around the Houston area, come visit us at our storefront indicated below -- where we pride ourselves on impeccable customer service. Alternatively, we also have a store located in the Traders Village, where we sell the same great products at the best prices!