SI FLEURI For Women by Lomani EDT 1.6 OZ. / DEODORANT 5.0 OZ. - Aura Fragrances

Si Fleuri for Women by Lomani EDT 1.6 Oz. / Deodorant 5.0 Oz.

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SORRY,  ! Scent Style Romantic/Sexy Blend Floral, Woody, Spicy Si Fleuri  is an extraordinary floral cord as it reveals a fragance of elegance and eternal femininity.Fragrance Description An extraordinary floral chord where rose, jasmin, tuberose, lily of the valley and ylang-ylang mingle to reveal a perfume sparkling with freshness and feminity. The spicy touch of pimento combines with woody, musky notes to prolong the perfumes long lasting, lingering sensuality. Fragrance Notes Head Notes: Rose, jasmin, tuberose.Heart Notes: Lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, pimento. Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, patchouly, musk, heliotrope.

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