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Cubano 4-Piece 2Oz Gift Set (Silver-Bronze-Copper-Gold)

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The CUBANO fragrance collection has been created for multi-dimensional gentlemen who effectively manage every aspect of their life to ensure harmony.The CUBANO customer is a discerning man who appreciates the finer things in life, Beautiful cars, meticulously tailored clothing, fine wine, great cigars and exquisitely crafted fragrances. He is quietly confident and very particular about each and every element that makes up the world. The CUBANO fragrances offer him the quality and versatility he demands.*CUBANO GOLD explodes with an outstanding citrus topnote comprised of lemon, tangerine, lavender and Chinese mint. The middle notes are slightly spicy with subtle floral elements. This is due to the cinnamon, red thyme, Russian coriander and rose all working in perfect harmony. The masculine dry down notes of sandlewood and vanilla add a woodsy character that is both elegant and irresistible.*CUBANO SILVER is an extraordinarily clean and fresh scent. This is because the primary elements of cedarwood, mint and lemon are working fervishly to create the initial topnote impact. The complex middle notes of the fragrance create a spicy, yet sophisticated, aroma sure to impress even the most discerning person. The heart of the fragrance is warm and, as with most essences that are made of all the natural ingredients, customizes itself to the unique properties of the body chemistry of the gentleman wearing it.*CUBANO Bronze is a complex collection of natural essences that deliver an impactfully cool and refreshing initial topnote. The aromatic middlenotes of lavender, sage, nutmeg, rosemary, lily of the valley and geranium create an exotically sensual atmosphere that gradually evolves into a warm oriental scent of the highest caliber.*CUBANO COPPER rounds out the collection. This extremely intricate formula conveys a dynamic topnote of floral and citrus characteristics. This is one to the diffusion of orange blossoms, mint and bergamot work in harmony to create an unforgettable initial impression. As the minutes pass, the fragrance evolves into an ultra masculine aroma with balsamic properties. This is primarily due to the natural ingredients: coriander, lavender, jasmine and sage. The final drynote of the fragrance trasitions into a woodsy masterpiece with sweetly subtle undertones. Cedar, sandlewood, musk, amber and honey accomplish this feat leaving a sensational scent to be enjoyed for a solid 8 to 10 hours.

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